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HD Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning, also known as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), provides highly concentrated 3-D data points of site features. The device emits a laser pulse that reflects off objects and transmits XYZ coordinate values back to the scanner. Each coordinate point is assigned an intensity value based on the strength of the return signal. By recognizing changes in intensity value between points, different materials, such as asphalt, concrete, stone, and paint stripes, can be identified. When all of the points are assembled, they are referred to as a “point cloud” – and form a 3-D representation of the scanned surface with photograph-like quality.

Benefits of HD Laser scanning include:

  • Measures directly to an object, eliminating physical contact with that object
  • Allows safer and less intrusive field data collection during daily site or facility operations
  • Collects increased level of detail
  • Reduces data collection time
  • Eliminates return trips to the field should a client request additional data

HD Laser Scanning Output & Results:

  • I-81 off-ramp to S.R. 0309, Schuylkill County, PA 
    CLICK HERE for the animated “fly through”
  • I-176 over S.R. 0422 Rehabilitation, Berks County, PA 
    HD Laser high resolution photographic output 
    Roadway view of point cloud 
    Post-processed data as it appears in MicroStation
  • Tyburn Road & New Ford Mill Road, Bucks County, PA 
    All features, including paint striping and aerial utilities are captured in scan
  • S.R. 0441 Relocation Project, Columbia Borough, Lancaster County, PA 
    HD Laser high resolution photograph (Chestnut St. over N. Front St.)
    Rendering of point cloud 
    Post-processed data as it appears in MicroStation

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